Computer repair, macbook, surface Prestige In Hanoi

Computer repair, macbook, surface Prestige In Hanoi

1. The reason to need a laptop repair

There are many reasons you need to go to a laptop repair location, the following are the main reasons:

  • Laptops should be serviced, cleaned regularly and checked regularly. This is not a malfunction but is one of the best ways you can better preserve your computer.
  • Laptop black screen, striped screen or screen shows only a few light traces when booting: in this case, the computer may be damaged hardware and you have to check for repair.
  • Laptops often hang up, heat up or when used often shut down suddenly: the computer may be infected with viruses, damaged software parts, problematic programs, …
  • Computer error win: need to conduct reinstall win to be able to use it.

–         Win booting faulty, reinstalling Windows and applications, software : After long-term use, your laptop may be infected with viruses from online software or due to program errors. When the situation gets worse, it is best to reinstall the win.

Software error


–          Laptop screen is broken, cracked : Laptop crashed causing the screen to crack or crack the screen. In addition, a strong collision with a hard object can also lead to cracking or breaking the screen.


Laptop screen is broken or cracked


–         Laptops do not accept charging : usually because the laptop battery is too “bottled” or the adapter is damaged, the battery cannot be charged or the battery can be damaged.

Laptop does not accept charging


–          Damaged, broken, paralyzed, broken keys : Laptop crashed, causing broken and broken keyboards. In addition, due to over-pressing or improperly pressing, it can lead to keyboard paralysis and keyboard damage.

Laptop keyboard is damaged, paralyzed


–          Fractures, cracks Laptop :  due to impact or fall to the background makes the frame cracked, broken affecting the ability to protect the screen.

Fractured laptop frame


–          Damaged cooling fan : The cooling unit plays an important role to help the laptop operate in the optimal state. If the cooling fan has a problem, it may lead to overheating, hanging or damage of internal parts due to excessive heat.

Laptop cooling fan is damaged


–          Loudspeaker is quiet or does not make sound : you can not hear the speaker, you may not have installed an audio driver. If you have installed the driver and heard it after a while, you can not hear it anymore, your speaker may have problems due to hardware errors, water, virus infection …

Laptop speakers are cheap, or don’t make sound

–          Power chip, power IC : Power chip and power IC cause the Laptop to not boot or boot but the machine is flickering, easily shutdown due to insufficient power supply for the device

Laptop with power chip, power IC


–          The  webcam won’t work:  because the driver is not installed, the webcam is damaged, or the webcam support application may not be installed

Webcam Laptop cannot be opened

–        Repair and replace Laptop screen:  there are many common diseases such as white or blue streaks cut vertically or horizontally, the screen has quite large gray or white smudges, on the screen appear spots that do not show images, The screen changes to a single color …

Repair and replace Laptop screen


–         Damaged HDD : Your Dell Inspiron laptop hard drive may be damaged by shock or impact. After a hard hit or shock during transportation, your hard drive may no longer be usable or cannot be used on the operating system.

Laptop Hard drive failure


–          Damaged Ram, unstable Ram: the  screen also turns green but the notice is Dumping Ram after the machine has been in operation for a long time. Ram also often makes mistakes due to dusty plugs, loose contact pins so do not fit the internal circuit board system.

Your laptop is damaged, Ram is unstable:

–         Damaged mainboard, mainboard error Mainboard is the main component in the laptop. Damage in the mainbord will stop the computer system, no images or sound, crashes ….

Your laptop has mainboard damage, mainboard error

2. How to find a safe and effective laptop repair center

To be able to find a laptop repair place in your place, you can use many different ways such as:

  • View and search online: this way has the advantage that many stores will be suggested and you can choose the appropriate address as well as review to evaluate and select the store most popular.
  • Consult acquaintances: you can also consult friends and relatives to find the appropriate location and be introduced by many people.
  • Have a safe address for yourself: you can also have a reputable, dedicated asus place to find and fix quickly for your needs.

Computer repair, macbook, surface

3. Reputable laptop repair address in Hanoi

If in Hanoi, you can also go to  Tri Tien Trading and Services Co., Ltd.   to repair computers such as: Macbook dell, Asus, HP, … in particular and many other models in general. Equipped with adequate facilities as well as a team of quality, skilled and experienced technical staff. Tri Tien Trading and Services Co., Ltd  will certainly not let you down.

Computer repair, macbook, surface

Most devices will have problems over time, if we know how to fix it well, it will still ensure the quality of service as the original. Hopefully the article will help you get useful information and find yourself a best laptop repair address in Hanoi.

4. Reputation Laptop Prestige Hanoi C am Link:

+ Team of experienced technicians, bringing together leading experts.

+ Genuine components, 100% new.

+ The most competitive repair cost, intensive repair, limit repair costs to the lowest level for you.

+ Commitment of repaired damage and replacement parts will be warranted for 01 month.

+ Enthusiastic consultant and install some free programs / applications.

+  Reputable Laptop Repair Hanoi is  committed to repairing and replacing components quickly and best, saving time, customers directly supervise the repair process and receive goods immediately.



Whenever you want to contact us about  laptop repair, replacement service in Hanoi , or buy  genuine Laptop accessories  … Please contact our staff:

Tri Tien Services and Trading Co., Ltd

Phone / Zalo:  0888 466 888 – 0986 981 616

Address: No. 5620, Lane 133 Thái Hà, Đống Đa, Hà Nội.

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